On site concrete mixing London, Surrey & Kent

On Site Concrete Mix in London, Surrey & Kent

Using our fleet of mix-on-site lorries we have been providing our customers in London, Surrey & Kent with concrete for many years. Whatever your needs are, we can tailor our service to suit you.

Our on site concrete mixing lorries are able to produce various strengths of concrete from one load. This means that the composition of the mix can be changed at short notice due to weather conditions, alterations to construction plans or different applications on the same job.

Benefits of on-site concrete mixing

We understand when ordering concrete it is sometimes very difficult to order the precise amount due to a messy dig, having to go lower on the day due to a building inspector or foundations collapsing the night before.

The key benefit of using a mix on site lorry is that the concrete is mixed on site ensuring you always get just the right amount. This also means that you are never going to over order or indeed under order, so all waste is reduced and more importantly you will only ever pay for what you actually use.

Uses for mix-on-site concrete

Mix-on-site concrete is perfect for multiple uses, from pouring large foundations and concrete floors, to driveways and shed bases. The perfect solution for both commercial and domestic applications.

For on site concrete mix suppliers, contact us today with your requirements and we can provide you with a free quotation.

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On Site Concrete Mixing in London, Surrey & Kent

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