Volumetric Concrete

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Volumetric Concrete in Croydon, London, Surrey & Kent

Volumetric concrete mixing is a more flexible and cost-effective method compared to more traditional methods. It also eliminates the need for part-load charges and the risk of under or over-ordering. When concrete is needed for any project of any size, it is important to be cost-effective. We are confident that our volumetric mixed concrete is beneficial for all construction projects.

Volumetric mixing is the most efficient form of concrete delivery, as only the exact amount of concrete needed is mixed. This means there is no wastage, so it is environmentally friendly too.

Volumetric mixed concrete has changed the concrete industry by making the process much more efficient and convenient.

Our volumetric concrete lorries have both the functions of a mobile mixing truck and a batching plant. This helps to speed up the concrete delivery process and offer much more customisation.

Compared to other traditional mixers such as drum mixers, volumetric mixers make concrete delivery simple. They offer a larger capacity for materials and in turn can produce more concrete. Nearly double the amount of concrete can be produced from a volumetric mixer than a drum mixer. This allows larger scale work to be completed in a shorter amount of time.

Drum mixers have a limited time frame between concrete being mixed at the plant and using it on site. This time frame can also be affected by transportation problems such as traffic, giving you a limited amount of time once the concrete arrives to site. With volumetric concrete mixers these problems do not arise.

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