Ready Mixed Concrete

We can supply you with ready-mixed concrete

Ready Mix Concrete in Croydon, London, Surrey & Kent

Here at UK Concrete we supply a wide range of ready mix concrete for both commercial and domestic projects. With our fleet of state of the art volumetric concrete lorries we provide a 'mix on site' service meaning you only ever pay for what you use.

We use volumetric concrete lorries as opposed to traditional ready mix 'barrel' lorries that require you to order an exact amount of premixed concrete in advance, as ordering the exact amount is not always easy to do and often results in waste and extra expense as people tend to overestimate the amount of ready mix concrete they require.

The unique advantage of using our volumetric concrete lorries is that they can produce more concrete from one load than a traditional ready mix lorry and nothing is mixed until the lorry arrives on site. The raw materials are stored in separate compartments on the lorry and only mixed to produce ready mix concrete prior to pouring. The lorries are also fitted with a counter system that allows you to know at any point of the delivery exactly how much concrete you have used. So if you do over order you will not be charged for what you don't use, likewise if you were to under order there should always be enough on the lorry to fulfil your requirements.

We can produce a range of ready mixed concrete for use in applications such as foundations, floors and bases, driveways, footpaths and other construction and agricultural uses.

We have experience on a range of different projects such as utilities, housing, and civil engineering works. Whatever your requirements are, we are able to provide the services that you are looking for. To find out more about our ready mix concrete services, contact us today.