Concrete Pump Hire

UK Concrete specialise in concrete pumping, we have a range of pumps for hire

Concrete Pump Hire in Croydon, London, Surrey & Kent

Concrete pumping is a highly effective way of having concrete mix delivered to a location that is not easily accessible. UK Concrete has a range of modern concrete pumps available for hire. We have no problem at all getting concrete to difficult to access locations such as gardens, inside houses and to different floors with the minimum of fuss.

Our pump fleet can pump concrete up to 150 metres horizontally and 50 metres vertically but you can get in touch with us if you require anything more.

Sites being clean are an important requirement which we recognise, so we make sure that the concrete we supply only goes to where it is meant to, with no mess made in the process. Our concrete pump hire is the perfect solution to any large scale project.

Concrete pumping is a modern, cost effective method of placing concrete, allowing you to place concrete from height, through restricted access areas and over walls and other obstacles. This method allows a higher quantity of concrete to be laid in shorter amount of time, which is a more cost effective and efficient way than using wheelbarrows and reduces mess and waste.

Our pumps are operated by fully trained professionals and have the ability to pump concrete at a rate of up to 120 cubic metres per hour.

We Can Offer Hire Of Two Different Types Of Pumps:

  • Ground line concrete pumps
  • Concrete boom pumps

Ground line pumps are for pumping concrete across the ground to places which have restricted access. Boom pumps are for placing concrete at height or pumping over large obstacles to areas that a ground line can not access.

As boom pumps feature robotic arms, they are ideal for reaching upper levels of buildings so no tactical planning is needed to find ways of getting to difficult to reach areas.

Our team have years of experience, are fully qualified, highly trained and are ready to give you technical advice should you need it on any aspect of our concrete pumping services.

We hire out brand new, modern concrete pumps and we ensure that it is operated by trained and experienced technicians. Anything you need to know about pump hire, get in touch with us and we will discuss all options with you and present you with affordable options.